TB1’s Essential Summer Playlist


Hey #TeamTB1,

I’ve been getting sooooo many messages asking, “What does TB1 listen to?”, Well, since everybody is either off to camp, vacay, or just looking for some great music to play while chillin at the pool, I figured I’d let you guys in on my favourites right now (in no particular order).

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TB1’s Playlist:

  1. Get Loud (Ft. David A) – TB1 (You couldn’t actually expect me to not start off my list with that)
  2. Greyhound – Swedish House Mafia (if this song doesn’t get you pumped, you should check your pulse… Also, my favourite “no lyric” song, maybe ever)
  3. Need Your Heart (Ft. Kai) – Adventure Club (some close buds of mine, and they just keep releasing ridiculously crazy dubstep glory, my fave from them is still Kaboom)
  4. This is Love (Ft. Eva Simmons) – Will.i.Am (a huge banger from Will.i.Am and someone who I strive to match creatively)
  5. Whistle – Flo Rida (truer words have never been spoken;)
  6. I Dig, You Dig – Vista Cruiser (A couple a Montreal boys who I have had the pleasure of linking up with recently, and gosh darnit, they are a lovely couple of brothers… Great summer track also)
  7. Look Right In Now (David A Mashup) – Skrillex VS Breezy, Busta & Weezy (If you like dubstep, but also like hip-hop, and wish they would create a love child… Thank David A)
  8. Mercy – Kanye, Big Sean, Pusha-T & 2 Chainz (ridiculous video to match a ridiculous anthem… Bump dat;)
  9. Boyfriend (TB1 & David A Remix) – Justin Bieber (to be honest, you can download any Bieber track and its one of my faves. He is the man, he was the man, and he will be the man. Great brand transition from boy to man and I’m loving every second of it. Plus, I have the extreme pleasure of being my music’s biggest fan because David A is the most insane producer ever! Also, I really like the verse I wrote)
  10. Keep Me Alive – Richard Beynon (if you haven’t heard of Richard, you should get on that. He is an up and coming, blow your mind electro-house producer that is releasing his newest EP today! We met over a year ago and have become such amazing friends. We may or may not also have a collab together involving David A. If there was a collab taking place, I can guarantee it will rock you!)
Enjoy your summer, and make sure to #GetLOUD while listening to all these songs. I hope you like them as much as I do!



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