TB1 Montreal

TB1 is an electro-pop artist with an arsenal of “club bangers”. His flow and energy take any song to the next level and his live performances mesh with that same vibe. He has accrued over 1,000,000 collective hits on YouTube, and his songs have been blogged about and spun by some of the biggest DJs all across the world. He has performed all over, from Canada, to the US and even in the Dominican Republic. TB1 has also openend for the likes of Pauly D, Sean Paul, Sean Kingston, Karl Wolf, Anjulie, Down With Webster and more. He started to create a name for himself with his well-known remix of Duck Sauce’s Barbra Streisand, and since then has released five original singles, P.I.T.A. (Party In The Air),  14ME14U“Showertime” which caught the attention of Montreal’s radio station, The Beat 92.5, it has also been featured on Canada’s Top 20 Countdown, and was in regular rotation on Galaxie Radio across Canada. His latest original releases “Get Loud” and “Be Your Air”, are featuring David A, to create an extremely current collaboration between artist and producer. You can now catch TB1 hosting his show “The Beatmix” every Friday and Saturday night on The Beat. TB1 is a natural performer and will rock your party whether it is through your radio, on your iPod, or if you are lucky enough to catch him live!


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